Atlanta City Council Pres. demands more transparency about More MARTA spending

Doug Shipman, former CEO of the Woodruff Arts Center and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, was elected president of Atlanta City Council in November 2021.

Courtesy of Doug Shipman

The More MARTA half-penny sales tax was passed in 2016.

According to MARTA’s website, the money was earmarked for transit enhancements and expansion over four decades.

Earlier this month, MARTA released a revised list of priority projects, focusing on nine Tier-1 projects that are expected to be completed by 2028.

On Thursday’s edition of “Closer Look,” Atlanta City Council President Doug Shipman spoke about why he’s requesting more transparency from MARTA’s leadership team.

“My concern is twofold: one, I’m concerned about how much we are spending — can we deliver these projects given that we have not seen any of the projects move forward very quickly since this has been passed? — and two, how much are we going to have for the other eight projects and beyond” explained Shipman. “I’m concerned that we may be spending almost all of our money now to do just these projects.”