Atlanta DJs prepare for the last Face/Off Friday at the current MJQ location

DJ Rasta Root (left) and DJ Jah Prince (right), pictured inside the iconic underground club MJQ Concourse. (Daniel Rayzel/WABE)

For more than two decades, on every second Friday of the month, the iconic underground club MJQ Concourse has hosted Face/Off. It has been touted as Atlanta’s longest-running dance party, drawing large and diverse crowds locally and people from across the world.

The popular dance spot will soon be relocating to Underground Atlanta. On the morning of what would be the last Face/Off at its current location, show host Rose Scott catches up with DJs Rasta Root and Jah Prince.

For PART 1 of the interview, the DJs talk Afrobeats and reflect on how they started deejaying at the nightclub. They also explain how the club has remained a safe and welcoming destination for people from all backgrounds.