Atlanta has many places to roll indoors or out in its popular multi-genre skating culture

There are many places throughout metro Atlanta to enjoy the area's robust skating culture. (Photo courtesy of Jeannine Etter/WABE)

Atlanta’s history of skating is embedded in the city’s cultural fabric, especially among Black families, where skating is often multi-generational. It’s not just a hobby but a lifestyle and a way to build community, as well as being a mood booster with great workout benefits.

In this feature, “City Lights” producer Jeannine Etter brings us more on skate culture in Atlanta, first starting with a little U.S. history.

“City Lights” producer Jeannine Etter on her roller skates. (Robert Brown)

Many places to enjoy metro Atlanta’s robust skating culture are listed below.

Cascade Skating Rink, Atlanta 

Golden Glide, Decatur 

Skate Towne, College Park 

Skate Country, Buford

Sparkles, Smyrna

Stone Mountain Skates, Stone Mountain 

Starlite Family Fun Center, McDonough 

Roller Slay, Skating Class on Monday Nights Grant Park, Atlanta

Free Skate Night, Pullman Yards on Thursday Nights, Atlanta