Atlanta Housing Authority To Redevelop Civic Center As Mixed-Income Project


The Civic Center is headed for redevelopment.

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It’s part of a $31 million deal between the city of Atlanta and the Atlanta Housing Authority.

Officials announced Thursday, the housing agency is buying the property from the city with plans to rebuild it as a dense, mixed-use development.

The project will also be mixed-income. The Atlanta Housing Authority is promising at least 30 percent of the housing on the site will be affordable.

“This is not just a talking point for us. This allows us to make sure that low-income residents  and quite frankly residents of any income  can stay in the city,” Atlanta Housing Authority CEO Catherine Buell said.

The housing authority is teaming up with a for-profit developer, Weingarten Realty, to bring retail and office space to the site.

Weingarten had been in talks with the city to purchase the Civic Center before, but that deal fell apart last year.

The sale to the Atlanta Housing Authority is expected to be finalized in November.