Atlanta Police Chief Schierbaum on leading the largest police department in Georgia

Atlanta's 26th Chief of Police Darin Schierbaum joins "Closer Look" to discuss his new role, top priorities and the state of public safety. (Photo credit: Daniel Rayzel.)

The newest leader of the Atlanta Police Department says public safety is a team sport that involves the community and police officers working together.

Darin Schierbaum, a veteran law enforcement officer who was recently named Atlanta’s 26th Chief of Police by Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens in October, was a guest on Wednesday’s edition of “Closer Look.”

He talked with show host Rose Scott about several topics, including his new role, tackling gun violence, youth outreach, and strengthening community relationships.

“ An effective chief of police chief can’t be leading from a desk or a keyboard, and so it’s important for me to hear the citizens of Atlanta,” said Schierbaum.

Chief Schierbaum further explained he and his officers have to be part of the community to best serve it.

“This is a great city to live in, love living here and it’s my honor to protect it,” said Schierbaum.