Atlanta public safety training center RICO trial delayed

Opponents to Public Safety Training Center clash with police near "Cop City" construction site during a protest on Nov. 13, 2023. (Matthew Pearson/WABE)

The highly anticipated RICO trial of a 19-year-old protestor of Atlanta’s public safety training center that was set to begin Wednesday has been delayed.

The defense is asking for more time to appeal a ruling related to the right to a speedy trial.

WABE’s Chamian Cruz joined “All Things Considered” to recap what has taken place in the conflict thus far and what is yet to come in 2024.

She said prosecutors with Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr’s office say their witnesses were all lined up to testify in its RICO case against Ayla King.

But shortly after the proceedings began, the judge announced that the defense was appealing a motion to dismiss the case that had been denied earlier in the week.

According to the defense, King’s case did not begin within the timeframe required to qualify as a speedy trial. The delay now means jurors are on standby until the appeal is resolved and the trial can resume.

King, who uses they/them pronouns, is the only defendant so far to be granted their demand for a speedy trial. They are among 60 others charged with racketeering over alleged efforts to halt the construction of the so-called “Cop City.”

Christopher Alston contributed to this report.