Atlanta rock band The Judies reunite for Georgia Overdose Prevention benefit

Rock band 'The Judies' members from left to right are Warren Baumstark-Ullom, Sean McPherson, Lee Wiggins & Matt Smith. (Courtesy of Haya Baumstark-Ullom)

According to the CDC, in 2021, over 50,000 people in the United States died of a drug overdose, and 65% of these had at least one potential opportunity for intervention.

Tragic overdoses can be prevented, and distributing the resources and knowledge for reversing overdoses is the mission of Georgia Overdose Prevention.

On Nov. 10, a benefit concert for the organization will feature a long-awaited reunion performance of Atlanta rock band “The Judies.” Georgia Overdose Prevention’s work hits incredibly close to home for the lead singer of The Judies, songwriter Warren Ullom.

In this interview, “City Lights” senior producer Kim Drobes spoke with harm reduction nurse Andy Gish and event organizer Haya Baumstark-Ullom about the upcoming benefit concert and how to save the lives of overdose victims.

A group of Georgia Overdose Prevention volunteers pose for an event photo. From left to right, Michael Nolan, Riley Kilpatrick, Mona Bennett, Andy Gish, Robin Elliot, Laurie Fugitt. (Courtesy of Georgia Overdose Prevention)

“This group of volunteers have gotten together and literally changed the atmosphere of Georgia and given people resources that didn’t exist before,” Gish says.

The benefit concert for Georgia Overdose Prevention, featuring a reunion performance by “The Judies,” takes place Nov. 10 at Smith’s Olde Bar.

You can find more information about the concert here and overdose prevention resources here.