Atlanta TV and film makeup artist Carol Rasheed enjoys helping actors get into character

Television and film makeup artist Carol Rasheed. (Courtesy of Carol Rasheed)

Atlanta is known as the Hollywood of the South, and with WABE’s “City Lights” series “Speaking of Y’allywood,” we are honored to highlight some of the many local professionals that help keep our city’s film and TV industry thriving. Today we feature television and film makeup artist Carol Rasheed

“I started my television and film career in 1989 working for Walt Disney World,” Rasheed said. “That’s where I got my first opportunity to really find out about makeup artistry for the film and television industry.” Rasheed enjoys working with actors and helping them get into the character. “Make-up plays a huge part in that,” Rasheed says.  

Regarding the current Writers Guild of America strike greatly impacting the film and television industry, Rasheed said, “I was around when the writer’s strike happened in 2007, and the thing that I learned from the writer’s strike back then was to save your money.”

More information about Rasheed’s work is available here.