Author Joshilyn Jackson’s Shelter-In-Place Reading Recommendations

Decatur-based author Joshilyn Jackson has five book suggestions to help you escape the confines of your home.

As shelter-in-place orders continue across the world, reading lists may be in need of some updating. Bestselling, Decatur-based author Joshilyn Jackson has five book suggestions to help you escape the confines of your home.

Untamed Shore” by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Set in a small, Mexican fishing village, Moreno-Garcia’s novel tells the story of a woman seeking to escape her current life and find fame in Hollywood.

“I love Silvia Moreno-Garcia,” says Jackson, noting that her books often feature a young, female protagonist who understand their own value despite living in a world that does not.

Becoming Mrs. Lewis” by Patti Callahan Henry

This historical novel chronicles the love story between American poet/writer Joy Davidman and British Author C.S. Lewis.

“Patti Callahan just captures this time period, this specific place and this growing relationship between these two fascinating characters,” Jackson says.

We Are All Good People Here” by Susan Rebecca White

“We Are All Good People here” is a two-worlds-collide story about college roommates who meet in 1962 with very different upbringings that influence their social and political views.

“It’s a very well-researched, complicated, difficult, uncomfortable story but it’s grounded in the narrative of this long-standing friendship that is very truthful, too. I think it’s just a brilliant book,” says Jackson.

Remembrance” by Rita Woods

The debut novel by Rita Woods winds through time and place as she explores the lives of three family members from present day Ohio to the mid-1800s in New Orleans and late 1700s in Haiti.

“The female characters in this book are these strong, complex, layered, memorable people so no matter where you are in time with them you can follow them,” Jackson says.

Native” by Kaitlin Curtice

Curtice explores her identity as a member of the Potawatomi Nation and a Christian in this non-fiction book, coming out on May 5.

Of Curtice, Jackson says “She’s always interested in being a bridge. I think she’s a really connective writer. And she is a beautiful speaker, but she’s also a good listener. She sort of channels stories through herself in a way I find very beautiful.”

Jackson’s own novel “Never Have I Ever” is set to be released in paperback on April 28, something that is not as straight-forward as it was before the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s complicated. I should be book-touring, I should be packing into a really small suitcase and getting ready to get on a bunch of planes and go and talk to people,” Jackson says. “And I can’t do any of that.”