Back In Atlanta, Jimmy Carter Says He’s ‘Getting Along Well’

Former President Jimmy Carter told an audience at the Atlanta-based Carter Center that he’s fine, and “getting along well.”  

The 90-year-old former president made an appearance Monday at the launch of a summit on sex trafficking, hosted by the Carter Center.  

Early Sunday morning, Mr. Carter had decided to abruptly end his election monitoring mission in Guyana; a statement from the Carter Center said he was “not feeling well,” but gave no details.

The Associated Press reported that Carter said he had a “bad cold.”

The former president left Guyana at around noon on Sunday; the rest of his monitoring team remained.

The Carter Center group was in the South American nation to observe the presidential election on Monday.  It was the Carter Center’s 100th election monitoring mission.  

On Saturday evening, about six hours before he decided to leave, Mr. Carter spoke by phone from Guyana with WABE.

Jimmy Carter speaking with Denis O'Hayer on “A Closer Look.” The conversation was recorded on Saturday, before the former president decided to leave Guyana.