Beyond the hashtag: me too CEO talks about what’s next for the global movement and organization  

Dani Ayers, the CEO of me too. International, discusses the progress of the #MeToo movement since it went viral in October of 2017 and what’s next for the movement going forward.

(Courtesy Photo)

Dani Ayers, the CEO of me too. International, says one of the biggest misconceptions about the global #MeToo movement is that it originated in Hollywood, is centered around only helping white women and helping women who have access to power and influence.

“MeToo centers Black women and girls, always have  back since the early ‘2000s when Tarana started this work in Selma, Alabama,” said Ayers on Wednesday’s edition of “Closer Look.”

During the conversation, Ayers further explained to program host Rose Scott that the privilege and power of Hollywood have overshadowed the organization in recent years. She also clarified that the core of me too’s work focuses on helping survivors of sexual violence heal, connecting them to resources and support, not highlighting perpetrators of violence.

Ayers also talked about combating sexual violence, how the organization is working to make sure marginalized communities are heard and what’s next for the #MeToo movement.