Clayton County Officials Question ‘Sanctuary County’ Label

Clayton County officials want to make sure that their county isn’t a “sanctuary county.”

A sanctuary county or city is a jurisdiction that limits co-operation with federal immigration officials.

In January, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that would halt federal funding for “sanctuary cities.”

And because of a policy change the Clayton County’s Sheriff’s Office made in 2014, the county meets the requirements to make it a “sanctuary county.”

Jeff Turner is Clayton County’s commission chairman. He said a report by the Center for Immigration Studies alerted him to the county’s designation.

“That’s what prompted us to try do some follow-up investigation to how we were listed as such,” he said.

Turner said he contacted federal immigration officials and the sheriff’s department for clarification of the county’s status.

He said Clayton County can’t afford to lose federal funding because of a policy.

“From a monetary standpoint and funding, then yeah, I would want to change it before it adversely affects us here in the county,” Turner said.

The Clayton County Sheriff’s Office didn’t return request for comment.

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