Clayton County Schools launches their first interactive MathTrails in the state

Students gather at Lee Street Park in Jonesboro, GA for the launch of MathTrails. (DorMiya Vance)

There are now two new so-called MathTrails near Lee Street Elementary. They’re innovative yet playful ways for students to learn and further their math skills.

The customized trails in Jonesboro are the fifth to be open in the country. The trails were funded through a curriculum grant, and the MathTalk organization helped develop the layout of the routes. The organization creates products and activities to help kids — even adults — learn math.

Once on these trails, hikers follow along the path using QR codes that connect phones and tablets to lively math problems they solve using the spaces around them.

Tonya Clarke is the math coordinator with Clayton County schools. She says the trails are a way to get kids to embrace the world of math.

“It was an immediate ‘this is what we need to do for our community.’ We need to get our community playing and engaging with mathematics,” she said.

Marsha Lee is the parent of a second grader. She says the games and math-based activities along the trails create opportunities and exciting reactions to learning math for her daughter.

“In her mind, she’s not even doing math, so it doesn’t feel as if she’s bored with the math,” she said.

Clayton County Schools is now planning more math installations at other parks and schools in the community.