Closer Look: Maynard Jackson; Renting In Atlanta; And More

Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson is seen in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, during a mini-summit with national leaders, Dec. 1978. Wendy and Maynard Jackson III talk about the documentary ''Maynard'' on Friday's ''Closer Look.''
Credit AP Photo
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Friday on “Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress”:

  • 0:00: Wendy and Maynard Jackson III talk about the documentary “Maynard,” which looks at the life and legacy of Atlanta’s first African-American mayor;
  • 17:49: As part of a series on affordable housing in Atlanta, Anne, a renter who’s been in the same two-bedroom apartment for 22 years, expresses concern for her ability to stay there;
  • 31:01: “Closer Look” cohost Rose Scott and senior producer Candace Wheeler visit Fernbank Museum for the launch of a new event series, “Fernbank After Dark”;
  • 37:05: Dr. Heval Kelli, a cardiologist serving as a fellow at Emory University, tells his story as a young Syrian refugee.

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