Creators of 'The South Got Something to Say' reflect on direction of Atlanta hip-hop in 50 more years

Ernie Suggs (far right) and De'Asia Page (2nd left) serve as co-producers for the AJC documentary, "The South's Got Something to Say." (Courtesy of AJC)

Longtime Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Ernie Suggs said the proudest moment of his career came just last week, when a new documentary he co-produced was released.

“The South Got Something to Say” is a love letter to 50 years of Atlanta Hip-Hop, the language some said in the beginning was just a fad that lacked longevity.

WABE’s “Morning Edition” spoke with Suggs recently, along with co-producer and AJC culture reporter DeAsia Paige.

Lily Oppenheimer contributed to this report.