Cyber threats to U.S. corporations, infrastructure loom amid Russian invasion of Ukraine

A man holds a laptop computer as cybercode is projected on him. (Kacper Pempel/Reuters)

The déjà vu of the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack lingers, executed by the Russian-based group Dark Side.

And as Russian and Ukrainian delegations hold talks to end missile attacks ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, there’s another war going on, online.

Ukrainian cybersecurity experts are working to hack Russian state media sites and the official page of the Kremlin. Meanwhile, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other national cybersecurity agencies recently released a joint cybersecurity advisory. It pushes all U.S. corporations — especially critical infrastructure networks — to have a heightened awareness of Russian cyber attacks.

The advisory also gives an overview of Russian state-sponsored cyber operations, including common tactics behind attacks.

Cybersecurity expert Andy Green is an assistant professor of information security and assurance at Kennesaw State University. Green sat down with WABE’s “All Things Considered” to explain what a Russian cyber threat to the U.S. really looks like.

Lily Oppenheimer contributed to this report.