David Bulay brings House music to the Atlanta dance scene

Photo of David Bulay credit Getsy Figueroa
David Bulay is an Atlanta producer and DJ. (Getsy Figueroa)

On City Lights’ series “Speaking of Music,” local musicians share work and stories in their own voices. In today’s segment, we feature David Bulay.

Bulay is an Atlanta producer and DJ who creates house music that seamlessly blends gospel, R&B and hip-hop into bumping dance grooves.

David Bulay regularly DJs for a series of underground house music shows called MoodToMove, which aims to bring a culture of dance back into the Atlanta and Houston nightlife scenes. The series has blown up in recent months, with each show selling out of tickets as the duo books larger and larger names to headline their event.

The next MoodToMove will occur on April 5 at Future House in downtown Atlanta. Tickets can be found here.