DeKalb Schools To Challenge Emory Annexation

DeKalb Schools Superintendent Stephen Green says the district is ready to challenge Emory University’s annexation into the city of Atlanta.

Martha Dalton / WABE

The DeKalb County School District says it will challenge the annexation of Emory University into the city of Atlanta. In a letter to officials, DeKalb Superintendent Stephen Green says the agreement shouldn’t include the Atlanta Public Schools.

The annexation plan had been in the works for a while. Originally, the proposal didn’t include expanding the Atlanta Public Schools. That changed a few days before Atlanta’s City Council approved the annexation.

Atlanta Superintendent Meria Carstarphen has said APS should be part of any Atlanta annexation. During a debate between then-mayoral candidates Keisha-Lance Bottoms and Mary Norwood, Carstarphen asked each if they would support the automatic inclusion of APS in the annexation process. Norwood said she would. Bottoms, who later won the election, said she would judge each case individually.

Only 10 DeKalb students would be re-zoned to APS, but Atlanta would gain more than $2 million in property tax revenue. DeKalb would lose that same amount. That doesn’t sit well with Green. In a letter to officials, he said he’s prepared to take legal action if officials don’t renegotiate the deal.

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