Voter Info

🗳️ – Important dates:

Oct. 10 – Last day to register to vote

Oct. 16 – Early voting begins

Oct. 27 – Last day to request an absentee ballot

Nov. 3 – Last day of early voting

Nov. 7 – Election Day

Dec. 5 – Runoff Election Day

Municipal Races on the Ballot

Voters in metro Atlanta headed to the polls for the final time of the year on Dec. 5 to decide who will claim over a dozen local government seats across the area. The journey here started with nearly 100 contested races on the ballot in over 40 cities across the metro area in November. 

The Dec. 5 runoffs included a hotly contested citywide school board seat in Atlanta, a race to decide Brookhaven’s new mayor and a number of city council races from South Fulton up to Sugar Hill and places in-between.

The results of the Dec. 5 runoffs are below. And get ready for 2024, as Georgia prepares to be the center of attention yet again with a presidential race and a slew of other crucial races across the state.

(i) by the candidate’s name means they are the incumbent

Atlanta School Board At-Large Seat 7

Alfred “Shivy” Brooks (64.6%) vs. Tamara Jones (i) (35.4%) 

Brookhaven Mayor

Lauren Kiefer (41.4%) vs. John Park (58.6%)

Brookhaven City Council District 1

Michael Diaz (52.7%) vs. Linley Jones (i) (47.3%)

Doraville City Council District 2, Post 2

Carrie Armistead (54.4%) vs. MD Naser (45.6%)

East Point City Council Ward B

Josete Bailey (i) (48.2%) vs. Carrie Ziegler (51.8%)

East Point City Council Ward C

Myron Cook (i) (48.2%) vs. Tremayne Mitchell (51.8%)

East Point City Council Ward D

Stephanie Gordon (i) (42.9%) vs. Latonya Martin Rogers (57.1%)

Henry County Commission District 2

Bruce Holmes (43.8%) vs. Neat Robinson (i) (56.2%)

Morrow City Council Post 4

Oscar Lanza Menjivar (44%) vs. Khoa Vuong (i) (56.0%)

Peachtree City Council Post 1

Tamara Allen Moore (22.0%) vs. Laura Plauche Johnson (78.0%)

Roswell City Council Post 2

Michael Dal Cerro (46.6%) vs. Allen Sells (53.4%)

Snellville City Council Post 1

Norman Carter (52.2%) vs. Catherine Hardrick (47.8%)

South Fulton City Council District 5

Keosha B. Bell (56.1%) vs. Corey Reeves (i) (43.9%)

Stonecrest City Council District 2, Post 2

Terry Fye (74.3%) vs. Rob Turner (i) (25.7%)

Sugar Hill City Council Post 3

Meg Avery (50.8%) vs. Jenn Thatcher (i) (49.2%)