Georgia Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled launches new accessibility features

Gina Martin, left, is the outreach manager for the Georgia Library Service. After collecting feedback from patrons, the service updated its website to improve accessibility features. (Courtesy photo)

On this edition of “Closer Look,” Georgia Library Service outreach manager Gina Martin shares updates to the service’s website to improve accessibility for patrons who are blind or have physical abilities that necessitate reading materials in braille or audio.

Martin says the Georgia Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled serves over 10,000 patrons, but making the website more accessible just shows there’s “room to grow.”

“Our new website is easier to read, easier to navigate,” Martin said. “So anyone using adapted technology, like a screen reader, will be able to more easily, independently go through our website and find the information that they need.”

Martin added that the improvements also address accessibility for information patrons could previously only find by calling, such as the service’s event calendar.