Georgia state senator target of two swatting calls, including one on Christmas Day

Georgia state Sen. Clint Dixon. (Courtesy of the Georgia State Senate)

Gwinnett County Police are investigating two swatting calls involving the Buford home of state Sen. Clint Dixon.

The first was Christmas evening when Gwinnett County Police say they received an anonymous 911 call about a shooting and hostage situation involving an armed suspect.

A number of officers arrived to find Dixon and his wife completely unaware of what was going on. Dixon and his wife said that no one in their house had called 911. Officers discovered it was a hoax.

According to an initial police report, there is no information on the caller, and that phone number has not been traced.

This type of hoax phone call leading to a significant police response is known as “swatting.”

Dixon is a Republican in his second term, representing parts of Gwinnett and Barrow Counties.

Dixon said the whole ordeal was “quite startling” for his family, including his wife and three kids.

“I was watching a little football and my wife was upstairs packing for a trip, and all of a sudden, I heard her, you know, start yelling, there’s police running at the door. She saw on our Ring doorbell.”

Dixon continued, “So I approached the door and had, I believe it was six officers with guns drawn coming up the steps, and responding to a, a fake call or a false call.”

Gwinnett County Police and Dixon confirmed there was a second swatting call on Tuesday. Dixon said he and his family were not home, but his Mom was when officers again responded. A police report on the second incident is not available yet.

Dixon also noted he’s had previous threats.