Governor Deal Explains Decision To Sign Eagle’s Landing Legislation

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal said he signed legislation that would create the new city of Eagle’s Landing after reviewing both sides of the issue.

Ross Terrell / WABE

Gov. Nathan Deal explained Tuesday why he signed legislation that would form the new city of Eagle’s Landing.

Eagle’s Landing would take land from the existing city of Stockbridge, which is a first in Georgia. Land would also come from unincorporated Henry County.

Deal said he reviewed information from people on both sides of the issue and stood by his decision.

“I thought that it was one that did make sense,” Deal said. “It allowed people to determine their own destiny and the referendum I don’t think is a foregone conclusion at all. But it gives people a chance to voice their opinion as to whether or not they want to create their own city.”

Only those in the proposed Eagle’s Landing area would get a say in creating the new city. A vote on the legislation is currently scheduled for November.

Stockbridge is suing Henry County to stop the vote. City officials call the legislation unconstitutional.

Deal said he thinks state lawmakers should review the process used to create new cities. He said the cityhood movement is probably one that isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

“This was unique in that it created taking of a population base out of an existing municipality,” Deal said. “I think it is something that does require further legislative looking and hopefully they will do that and make it an easier process than perhaps we have under the current law.”