Gwinnett Police, View Point Health Launch Police Mental Health Collaboration Pilot Program

Corporal Tracey Reed with the Gwinnett Police Behavioral Health Unit says the department has trained officers, as well as partnered with clinicians, who will connect Gwinnett residents to the right resource in the midst of a crisis.

“Every single recruit officer that comes through our academy goes through CIT, which is the crisis intervention team training, so we are developing a training plan to roll that out departmentwide,” explained Reed.

Reed, along with Pejman Mahdavi, a licensed clinical social worker with View Point Health, were guests on Thursday’s edition of “Closer Look.”

They talked with show host Rose Scott about the importance and the need for the Police Mental Health Collaboration program.

The pilot co-responder program pairs a Gwinnett police officer and a mental health professional together to respond to crisis behavioral health situations.

To listen to the full conversation, click the audio player above.