Atlanta's Hammonds House Museum celebrates 35 years of African Diasporic art in new exhibit

Untitled by artist Paul Evans as part of the “Foundations and Futures” exhibition celebrating the 35th anniversary of Hammonds House Museum in Atlanta. (Courtesy of Hammonds House Museum)

Hammonds House Museum, which is dedicated to recognizing and preserving American art from the African diaspora, celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.

To honor the milestone, Hammonds House — located on Peeples Street in Southwest Atlanta — is presenting works of the creators who are near and dear to the museum throughout its history.

The exhibition “Foundations and Futures” was curated by Edward and Abiose Spriggs and former Hammonds House curator Kevin Sipp. Sipp is an exhibitions coordinator for the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs.

In this interview, Sipp joined “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes to talk more about this celebratory collection and the story it has to tell. 

“Just being there at the institution, even when I was the tour guide, at any moment, a legendary artist would walk through those doors,” Sipp recalls.

The “Foundations and Futures” is an exhibition celebrating the 35th anniversary of Hammonds House Museum. More information about the museum is available here.