Historical fiction book by Atlanta author credits doctor crucial to polio remedy

Atlanta author Lynn Cullen wrote the historical fiction book “The Woman with the Cure.” (Courtesy of Megan Cullen Cayes)

In the late 19th and early 20th century, poliomyelitis was the most feared disease in the world. Before the vaccine, thousands of people a year were killed or paralyzed by polio. Then, two scientists—Dr. Albert Bruce Sabin and Dr. Jonas Salk came up with the cure.

Many are familiar with their names, but one doctor, in particular, has not received much notoriety in connection to this monumental discovery —Dr. Dorothy Horstmann. Atlanta author Lynn Cullen wrote a historical fiction book about Dr. Horstmann’s life and how her discoveries were pivotal to the creation of the polio vaccine, titled “The Woman with the Cure.” In this interview, “City Lights” producer Summer Evans spoke with Cullen about the book.

More information about “The Woman with the Cure” is available here.