Hudgens Center’s ‘Three Billion’ Exhibition Examines The Plight Of Endangered Birds

A new exhibition at the Hudgens Center for Art and Learning in Gwinnett features works by artists whose subject reveals loss and endangered birds, along with works celebrating nature with birds and their habitats. “Three Billion” is a group show co-sponsored by Georgia Audubon. Artist Laura W. Adams is the curator and she, along with sculptor Chris Condon, joined “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes to talk about the exhibition.

The exhibit is open and runs until April 24.

Interview Highlights:

About the title of the exhibition:

“‘Three Billion’ is a reference to a study that came out right before the pandemic in October of 2019. Science Magazine published a study looking at bird populations over the last 50 years and to their surprise they found that we have lost a third of our bird population. It amounts to approximately three billion birds. One of the more shocking parts of the study was that this loss of bird life reached across many different biomes of bird species,” said Adams.

On top of being the curator, Adams’ work is also featured in the show. She said, “I focused on different biomes of birds that are in distress, but I created these works as sort of a celebration of their birds and from their point-of-view as if you asked the bird ‘If you had an ideal world for you to live in, what would that world look like?’”

About Condon’s works:

“My works are usually more about dealing with the wonder and the beauty that I see of the nature around me, especially with local birds. In regards to the exhibition, I started researching and figuring out ways to incorporate how I feel about the birds and their beauty, but also hints of sadness and their challenges,” said Condon.