'ICONS' photo exhibit captures essence of prominent American figures at Breman Museum

This metaphorical portrait represents one of the most influential American composers of musical theater, Stephen Sondheim. (Courtesy of Robert Weingarten)

Photographer Robert Weingarten has reimagined what a portrait could look like without the subject. His exhibition “ICONS: Selections from ‘The Portrait Unbound’” showcases the essence of influential people without them ever being seen in the photograph. 

His works honor prominent American figures from Stephen Sondheim to Hank Aaron, and they’re on view at the Breman Museum through October. In this interview, “City Lights” producer Summer Evans spoke with Robert Weingarten about the collection.

“If you want to really capture what a person’s all about, it’s not what they look like at that moment, it’s their whole body of being,” says Weingarten.

Photographer Robert Weingarten’s collection, “ICONS: Selections from ‘The Portrait Unbound,’” is on view at the Breman Museum through October. You can find out more information here.

In conjunction with the “ICONS” exhibition at the Breman, they are presenting a concert titled “Strictly Sondheim,” performed by Voices of Note (Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus and Atlanta Women’s Chorus). The concert is on May 21 at The Breman.