#ifTheyGunnedMeDown: Street Artist Gaia On His New Mural

Street artist Gaia was identified by Forbes magazine in the 2015 “30 under 30” list of arts leaders. He recently completed a large mural at the Center for Civil and Human Rights in downtown Atlanta.

Listen to an interview with Gaia.

Behind a foreground of the ruined Persian city of Persepolis, Gaia’s mural shows portraits of four African-American males ─ two portraits of each ─ posing the question: “If he were murdered, which image would be chosen by the media to represent the deceased?” In the central panel appears a seemingly ancient cylinder. Gaia takes us on a tour of the mural, which offers a juxtaposition of Instagram images and remnants of a Persian king’s creed. 

We caught up with Gaia at the Center and asked him to tell us about the work and its intention.

Gaia’s #ifTheyGunnedMeDown mural is on view at the Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta through May 3. Learn more at AtlantaPlanIt.com.