Jonesboro voters elect Dr. Donya Sartor as their first-ever Black mayor

Newly elected mayor of Jonesboro, Dr. Donya Sartor. (Courtesy of Sartor Campaign Committee)

Voters in Jonesboro elected Dr. Donya Sartor as their first Black mayor Tuesday following several special elections held throughout Clayton County. 

According to election results from Clayton County officials, Sartor won the title of Jonesboro’s next mayor with over 260 votes. 

Sartor is a long-time native of Jonesboro and spent her time in the community while serving as a city council member. She says even though she’s the first Black mayor of Jonesboro — there’s still a bigger picture to consider.

“I don’t want this accomplishment of the ‘first Black woman’ to overshadow exactly who’s in office now. Yes, I am a Black woman,” Sartor said. “But I’m extremely qualified for this position. I’ve demonstrated what a servant leader looks like in this position.”

Sartor aims to increase citizen involvement and introduce a more collaborative environment to other city officials during her time as mayor.

“We have a mayor and six council members, but we have to begin to work together as a unit,” Sartor said. “…and then I want to continue to create this sense of community among our citizens so that they can be involved in the city, not just when it’s time to cast their vote.” 

The special election in Jonesboro was called to fill the role after the city’s former mayor, Joy Day, resigned in 2022. Day served in the position for over 20 years. 

Sartor will serve in office for six months before running for reelection later this year.