Last Minute Shoppers Hit the Stores

Kirby Powers and her son
Kirby Powers and her son
Credit Aleck Ragsdale

There are only two more days until Christmas. Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Aleck Ragsdale spoke with last minute Atlanta shoppers over the weekend.

It’s Saturday afternoon and the Edgewood shopping district outside Little Five Points is packed. A seemingly endless stream of cars is circling the lot with people trying to find a space to park.

Kirby Powers is one of those last minute shoppers. When she and her son left Target they were loaded with shopping bags.

“I just like it, it makes it feel more Christmas-y. Well, I already have the Christmas spirit, but I’ve always gone last minute Christmas shopping, so it’s just a kind of tradition. I’ve always done it that way, so I don’t know what it would be like to get it all done and be ready”.

Jonis Moore says she’s got a bigger Christmas budget this year so there will be more to put under the tree.

“You know it’s much better, much better this year. You can tell that the economy and the recession are changing a whole lot. It’s not as bad as it was last year.”

Retail analysts say this has been the most heavily discounted holiday shopping season in recent years.