Local Black-Owned Build-Design Firm Helping Women Entrepreneurs Move Into Commercial Real Estate Spaces

Amber Lawson, the principal and founder of Aspire Construction & Design, reflects on her professional career. Lawson also discusses how she’s using her expertise in real estate development, design and construction to help other women entrepreneurs.

Courtesy of Amber Lawson

The founder of Aspire Construction & Design says she was a property manager before launching her career in real estate development, design and construction.

“I just realized the only part of the job that really got me out of the bed was making a space new, building something different than what was there yesterday, so I decided to pursue that full-time and did that, and then Aspire Construction & Design was born four years ago,” explained Amber Lawson on Monday’s edition of “Closer Look.”

Lawson, who is also a general contractor, talked with show host Rose Scott about several topics, including how she’s using her expertise to help other women entrepreneurs, the do’s and don’t’s of leasing and purchasing commercial real estate and the opening of a new Aspire Construction & Design office at Pittsburgh Yards.

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