Local breakdancer David Hector enjoys the dance style as it pushes limits and boundaries

Hip-hop dancer David Hector AKA "Full Metal." (Kaden Walker)

Atlanta’s dance scene is vibrant and eclectic, and we are honored to highlight some of the many local dancers that move us with their movements in our ongoing series “Speaking of Dance.” For this edition, we highlight contemporary dancer David Hector dancing to the music of Patti Drew’s “Fever” [Dj Pilizhao edit].

Hector, aka “Full Metal,” is a professional hip-hop and breakdancer who specializes in high-flying moves like spins, dips, and tricks. As a child, Hector saw breakdancing on TV but never tried it until 2008, when he saw the Jabbawockeez on “America’s Best Dance Crew.” He then saw a fellow student in 10th grade perform breakdancing in real life. From there, he tried to figure it out on his own with friends. He would also attend an event called “Taking it Back Tuesdays” at Suncoast Cathedral, where the church would open its doors and let the breakdancers in the city come and practice.

“Breaking is my favorite dance style because it’s very dynamic. It’s very exciting. It’s very appealing to the eyes. Also, it’s just very hard!” Hector said. “Being a person that really likes to push themselves, test their limits, and always loves trying new things, I really enjoy a dance style that allows me to push myself and challenge myself.”  

You can find out more about hip-hop dance artist David Hector by following the ATL Breakers or by following him on Instagram here.