Local cityhood committee renews efforts in South DeKalb

A proposed boundary map of the “city of DeKalb.”

The DeKalb Cityhood Movement

The coordinator of a committee pushing for the southern part of DeKalb County to become its own city, says there are some disparities that exist between North and South DeKalb.

“The difference is just very stark, the largest building that we have right now still in DeKalb is our jail, explained  Dr. Kathryn Rice who serves as the coordinator for the DeKalb Cityhood Movement on Monday’s edition of “Closer Look.”

Rice, who is also the founder of Building Quality Communities, talked with program host Rose Scott about a renewed push to create the city of DeKalb, formerly known as the city of Greenhaven.

Rice further explained the results of a feasibility study and the challenges that the cityhood movement has faced since 2014. She shared that if the proposed city becomes a reality, it would focus on economic development, parks and recreation, code enforcement.

“You cannot treat one area differently from the other,” said Rice.

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