Local college students organize the first-ever HBCU Chess Classic

The Black Odyssey Society to host the first-ever HBCU Chess Classic. (Photo credit: The Black Odyssey Society)

Alan Cowan started playing chess when he was in middle school.

The rising chess player says often times people get overwhelmed at the thought of playing the game because of the level of critical thinking that they think is involved.

Cowan further explained that it’s a mind over matter.     

“It’s definitely a matter of being confident,” said Cowan on Friday’s edition of “Closer Look.”  

Cowan, a student at Morehouse College and the CEO and co-founder of The Black Odyssey Society, was accompanied on the program by Maurice Ashley, the first African-American Grandmaster.

They discussed key strategies for winning a chess match and the first-ever HBCU Chess Classic.

The inaugural event is being held at Morris Brown College on Saturday. Students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities from across the country are expected to compete in the one-day Swiss-style chess tournament.

“It’s going to be a serious chess party for the HBCUs,” said Ashley.