MARTA May Work On Communication After Smoke Incident

Riders say MARTA employees didn't provide much guidance after a train tunnel filled with smoke Thursday night.
Credit Michael Kahn
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MARTA’s considering improving its communication to passengers during emergencies.

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That’s after riders caught in Thursday’s smoke-filled tunnel say they weren’t given much direction.

Michael Kahn, an architect and rider on Thursday’s evacuated train, said there was confusion from the time their train encountered the smoke. People didn’t know what happened or where to go.

MARTA’s Lieutenant Commander Ashton Greene defended the response to the emergency, saying the agency followed protocol. But he said they are looking at improving training to employees, “on being able to corral customers and provide information to them and direction as quickly as possible.”

MARTA is also developing a new audio and visual system to reach riders in such situations, he said.

The smoke in the tunnel came from electrical sparking. The investigation into what caused it is ongoing.