Mayoral Runoff Between Bottoms And Norwood Is Set. What’s Next?

What's next for Mary Norwood and Keisha Lance Bottoms as they head into December's runoff election? More of the same, plus a little studying.
Credit Al Such, Kaitlin Kolarik / WABE
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It’s now clear: Atlanta City Council members Keisha Lance Bottoms and Mary Norwood will face each other in a runoff for mayor.

So what’s next for the candidate until then?

In speeches Tuesday night, there were few surprises from the candidates.

Bottoms talked about continuing the city’s progress. Norwood emphasized that she’d be an inclusive mayor.

According to Emory Political Science Professor Michael Leo Owens, the two candidates are likely to continue the same messaging they’ve been using. But they will also need to do some studying.

“The big question for Bottoms and Norwood is who gets Cathy Woolard’s votes,” Owens said. “That’s the big question to puzzle over in the next couple of weeks.”

He said Bottoms and Norwood will have to come up with new talking points to attract voters who came out for Woolard.

They also will be looking to the voters of Peter Aman and City Council President Ceasar Mitchell, who came in fourth and fifth.

“If we think about those who didn’t make it into the top two, about the themes they were pushing, I mean they were pushing themes that people care about,” Owens said. “And so the top two candidates can’t ignore those themes.”

He said those themes include income inequality and affordable housing.

The runoff election is scheduled for Dec. 5.