Meet The Atlanta Musician, Turned Entrepreneur, Behind The Landscaping Business ‘Grantlanta Lawn’

Grant Wallace started his landscaping business Grantlanta Lawn just three years ago.
Grant Wallace started his landscaping business Grantlanta Lawn just three years ago.
Credit Candace Wheeler / WABE

On an unseasonably cool July morning, “Closer Look” stopped by the manicured lawn of a Grant Park resident to meet their landscaper Grant Wallace. Wallace is the owner of the landscaping company Grantlanta Lawn and the latest featured business owner in Closer Look’s Open for Business series.

Just three years ago, Wallace was playing gigs around Atlanta, and the country, as a drummer. While he loved being a musician, it wasn’t enough to pay the bills. One day, after playing a gig in Charleston, South Carolina, Wallace had the idea to start mowing lawns to earn extra income.

“I was just so exhausted after the show and also I was kind of broke, to be honest,” said Wallace. “Something hit me and I was like ‘I used to mow the yard back in high school — my dad has a mower, he’ll let me borrow it’. It hung out the back o f my trunk and I know how to use social media so with the help of Facebook and Nextdoor people were nice, and generous, and gave me a shot.”

It eventually led Wallace to create his company Grantlanta Lawn, which now includes eight employees and clients in neighborhoods around Atlanta including East Lake, Reynoldstown, Kirkwood, Grant Park, Gresham Park and more.

Wallace’s career as a musician has had an influence on his landscaping businesses as he creates unique web commercials promoting the company.

“From all the music videos I’ve done with my bands, it’s always been an original side to me. I did four commercials for ‘Grantlanta’ — all have been pretty silly and they’re just for fun because I like to have an outlet,” said Wallace. “I’m not just a guy that pushes a mower around, I kind of like to see the more fun side of landscaping.”

For Wallace the past few years have been a “dream job”. “I want to keep doing it until I’m a little too old — I might need to get a riding mower at some point, but business is great,” said Wallace.

When Wallace isn’t working running the business, he plays gigs with his band Challenger Deep.

You can listen above to hear the entire story behind Grantlanta Lawn.