Music producer and environmentalist bring Atlanta-based Klean Energy Kulture to Black and Brown communities

(Left) Corey "Mr. Hanky" Dennard and (Right) Michael Hawthorne Jr., are the founders of Klean Energy Kulture. They discuss efforts to combat environmental injustice and make the clean energy lifestyle accessible to everyone. (Klean Energy Kulture)

Hip-hop producer Corey Dennard and environmentalist Michael Hawthorne Jr. say Black and Brown communities are being hit the hardest by climate change.

With that understanding, the two founded their Atlanta-based nonprofit Klean Energy Kulture. Its mission is to make the clean energy lifestyle accessible to communities of color and the world by 2035.

On Thursday’s edition of “Closer Look,” they talked with show host Rose Scott about their efforts to bring swagger to fighting climate change and environmental injustices.