New Documentary ‘Meltdown’ Looks At Greenland’s Melting Glaciers And The Effects Of Climate Change

“Meltdown” is a look at climate change in Greenland through the lens of renowned photographer Lynn Davis.

Sophia Fields/ Gravitas Ventures

A new documentary, “Meltdown,” brings viewers to the shores of Greenland’s melting glaciers for an exploration of natural beauty at its most vulnerable. “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes spoke with the film’s executive producer, Mike Tollin about the film. He shared how he, photographer Lynn Davis, and climate expert Anthony Leiserowitz brought their talents together for a personal, intimate experience of the stunning yet rapidly changing icy landscapes.

Interview highlights:

On glaciers, grief, and climate action:

“In the ’80s, during the AIDS crisis, [photographer Lynn Davis] just watched [her friends] disappear one by one, and she was feeling this enormous sense of loss. And her husband, Rudy Wurlitzer… saw these photos in a magazine of icebergs, in this far-reaching part of the globe, and showed them to Lynn and said, “They kind of remind me of some of your nudes, some of the shapes and figures of the icebergs remind me of some of your portraiture.” And she said, ‘Get me a ticket.’”

“But we find out as we wind our way through the film, there’s just a whole other level of loss that’s associated with Lynn’s many trips to Greenland. And they talk very profoundly, very openly about their discoveries and how … you can have tragedy and beauty intersecting in the same little corner of the globe. Tony was so moved by it that he was tearful at times. The beauty struck him, and he ended up shooting as many pictures as Lynn did, and I think they came away really transformed by the experience.”

“We have to ask ourselves what it means to be human on this planet, to really address this issue and all its complexity. That’s why I love bringing a photographer, who never really thought of the implications on a climate level, who just saw the beauty, who is now (by her own admission) enlightened … I hope people are enlightened and driven to at least some form of activism or advocacy.”

“Meltdown” is available to stream on Apple iTunes, Vudu, Xfinity, and other streaming platforms.