New podcast series 'Amplify Color' magnifies notable names in Black radio history

Ryan Cameron is the Emmy Award-winning host of “Amplify Color,” a new podcast series that chronicles the history of Black radio in America. (Courtesy of L Devlin Photography)

The phenomenon of radio broadcasting changed the world, opening the floodgates of global communication. 

Radio enabled the spread of popular music, news and cultural commentary, as well as propaganda, late-night tales of alien encounters, and many more far-flung expressions of the human voice. But, as so often happens, important voices were left out – until brave radio DJs and broadcasters of color blazed their trails. 

A new podcast series called “Amplify Color” is produced by Interval Presents and Double Elvis, and it’s out now on all major podcast platforms. 

The series chronicles the history of Black radio in America – including game-changers like WERD, the first Black-owned radio station in America, located in Atlanta. 

In this interview, the Emmy Award-winning host of “Amplify Color,” Ryan Cameron, joined “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes to speak more about the podcast. 

More information about his new podcast series, “Amplify Color,” is available here.