New short documentary 'City of Kings: Atlanta' explores the art of graffiti and style writing

You can stream "City of Kings" on their website through May 19. (Will Feagins)

Spending a day in Atlanta guarantees encountering some colorful public art. The vibrant look of our city streets owes its origins to generations of graffiti and style writers. Their activity, though in some instances outside the bounds of what’s strictly legal, has evolved into a proud culture of public artwork and an ongoing visual conversation.

A new short documentary, “City of Kings: Atlanta,” explores the phenomenon’s history through rare interviews with some of Atlanta’s most influential participants. The film has been accepted into the Hip Hop Cinefest in Rome, Italy, and you can stream the documentary on their website through May 19.

“City Lights” managing producer Kim Drobes spoke with filmmaker Will Feagins about “City of Kings: Atlanta.”