New Slutty Vegan cookbook oozes messy, plant-based recipes with a taste of founder Pinky Cole's backstory

In this May 20, 2020 photo, Pinky Cole, owner of Slutty Vegan restaurants and food trucks, wipes down a sign on her storefront in Atlanta. In the past few years Slutty Vegan has attracted a cult-like following with its raunchy approach to veganism. Celebrities often pop in for a visit. And customers routinely wait through long lines to order from the chain’s cheekily-named menu. The chain has opened new locations in Alabama and New York since owner Pinky Cole opened up the first brick-and-mortar location in 2018. (AP Photo/Angie Wang, file)

Angie Wang / Associated Press

Since she first started making moves from her Slutty Vegan food truck in 2018, Atlanta entrepreneur Pinky Cole has grown her plant-based patties into a vegan empire.

The Black-owned local joint has since expanded across the country. Now, Cole is launching her first cookbook: “Eat Plants B*tch.”

That tour stops in Atlanta on Nov. 19, where Cole will give her fans a little taste of her story and her recipes.

She sat down with WABE’s “Morning Edition” and started by talking about the moment she realized Slutty Vegan is more than a restaurant — it’s a brand, a movement and a form of silent protest.

Lily Oppenheimer contributed to this report.