Officials Hand Out Report Cards to Georgia Schools

Credit Martha Dalton / WABE
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The Georgia Department of Education issued report cards this week, but the recipients were schools, not students. Schools were graded on students’ tests scores and whether those improved. Overall, report card scores dropped this year, but Matt Cardoza, a spokesman for the Georgia Department of Education, isn’t too worried.

“It’s something that you want to look at,” Cardoza says. “You don’t get cause for concern necessarily on one year’s worth of data, but if it’s a longer-term trend, then it’s something that’s a little more cause for concern.”

  Cardoza says schools can use the data to make improvements. Overall scores in Gwinnett, Fulton, DeKalb, and Cobb Counties as well as the Atlanta Public Schools all fell this year. You can find the data on Georgia’s schools here.