Outrage Continues Over Newsweek’s MLK Twitter Post

Newsweek sparked outrage Monday for tweeting an image of Martin Luther King Jr. in his casket.
Newsweek sparked outrage Monday for tweeting an image of Martin Luther King Jr. in his casket.
Credit Charles Harrity / Associated Press
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Newsweek, the weekly news magazine based in New York, has been taking heat on Twitter after posting then removing a photo of Martin Luther King Jr. in an open casket.

The image, posted on New Year’s Day, accompanied an opinion piece highlighting important historical anniversaries in 2018.

King’s Atlanta-born daughter, Bernice King, responded to the image in a tweet.

“Why, @Newsweek? Wow,” she said in a retweet of the original post.

Newsweek has removed the photo and apologized.

“Earlier this afternoon we published an opinion piece with an insensitive image of Martin Luther King Jr. We sincerely apologize to the King family for this egregious error,” Newsweek tweeted in response to Bernice’s tweet.

In a video posted on social media, Bernice accepted Newsweek’s apology and cautioned other media outlets who may be covering the 50th anniversary of her father’s assassination, which took place in 1968.

“I want to thank Newsweek for immediately responding and removing the image and for giving an apology. Apology accepted,” Bernice said in the video.

“I want to challenge all of the news media and news outlets individually, that we just keep in mind that there’s a family — a family that had a great loss,” she continued.

Others on Twitter were still outraged about the incident.

Many of the tweets are part of the thread of responses to Bernice’s retweet of Newsweek’s now-deleted post.

On Jan. 1, many users used the thread to send Bernice their condolences.

After posting the video, she thanked Twitter users for their kind words.

Bernice is also the CEO of the King Center in Atlanta, which was founded by King’s wife after his assassination in 1968.