Peachtree City Police Chief Says He Accidentally Shot Wife

Authorities from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Peachtree City Police Department are jointly investigating a shooting involving Police chief William E. McCollom.

So far authorities will only say that in the early morning of New Year’s Day, Chief McCollom called 911 indicating he had accidently shot his wife.

She was airlifted to Atlanta Medical Center.

Initial reports said, chief McCollom accidentally shot his wife twice.

But GBI inspector Sherry Lang said investigators found otherwise.

“As a result of our preliminary interview, we have found that he only shot her one time.”

Lang stressed that the GBI would conduct a thorough investigation and the results would be turned over to the district attorney’s office.

In a media briefing, Lt. Mark Brown with the Peachtree City Police, said it was department policy to have an outside agency take over the investigation.

“As a routine practice in these type of cases, especially a high ranking officer in the department is that we summon an outside agency as well as place the officer on administrative leave,” said Lt. Brown.

As of right now, Chief McCollom has not been charged with a crime says Fayette County district attorney Scott Ballard.

“Our role at this point is to wait and see. We’re cooperating in every way that we can with the GBI. As soon as all the facts are known, they’ll turn over a file to our office and we’ll review if in fact, there’s been any criminal activity.”

Chief McCollom’s wife is reportedly in critical condition.

Authorities say the gun was the chief’s own service weapon, a Glock 17-9mm handgun.