Season 4 of the 'Buried Truths' podcast investigates the cold case of James Brazier

“Buried Truths, Season 4: Race & Rage in Terrible Terrell” investigates the death of James Brazier. (Photo courtesy of Hank Klibanoff)

In April of 1958, James Brazier was 31 years old.  An investigation into Brazier’s death reveals the husband and father of four was violently arrested and killed by white police officers in Terrell County, Georgia, for daring to purchase a new Chevrolet Impala.

Brazier’s story is one of many stories being studied by students enrolled in The Georgia Civil Rights Cold Case Project and is the focus of WABE’s “Buried Truths, Season 4: Race & Rage in Terrible Terrell” podcast.

Hank Klibanoff, a veteran journalist, director of Georgia Civil Rights Cold Cases Project at Emory and the host of the “Buried Truths” podcast, and Jake Busch, an Emory University graduate and local journalist who assisted with research for the podcast, were guests  on Wednesday’s edition of “Closer Look.”

They talk about James Braizer, the process of investigating his death and compiling the information into a nine-episode podcast series.

“This is the most important work I did in college, the most important research I’ve done so far,  and certainly the most impactful for me personally,” said Busch. “It’s just extremely powerful to hear these stories, to dig into them and, most importantly, bring a sense of justice and closure to the families.”