WABE's Week In Review: More terrorism charges in 'Cop City' violence and a new way to treat addiction

This image provided by the Atlanta Police Department shows construction equipment set on fire Sunday, March 5, 2023 by a group protesting the planned public safety training center, according to police. (Atlanta Police Department via AP)

Domestic terrorism and ‘Cop City’

Knocking down the house…

Also in this episode…

Jess Mador reports on how a Northeast Georgia hospital system is trying a different approach to help people struggling with addiction. It connects patients with specialized help right in the emergency room, instead of just treating their symptoms and releasing them.

Patrick Saunders tells us about how a stolen 2,700-year-old Iraqi artifact ended up on display at the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University in Atlanta.

–We hear more from the chief justice of the Georgia Supreme Court, who says the state is still trying to climb out of a massive backlog of unresolved court cases caused by delays during the pandemic.

–And the Atlanta Braves are set to stop selling season tickets to make more single-game tickets available. It’s a confident move from a front office that eyes topping last year’s record in-person home game attendance.