Small Park Coming To Jackson Street Bridge

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is working to reduce the number of 'high-injury networks' in the city.
The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is working to reduce the number of 'high-injury networks' in the city.
Credit Grace Walker / WABE
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Earlier this month, the Department of City Planning announced that the Jackson Street Bridge is gaining a little green space.

The plans released show trees, plants, benches and extra space on the sidewalk for pedestrians. In order to make way for the extra sidewalk space, the center turn lane will be eliminated.

Side street parking spots will also line the space.

This new plan is part of a grant-funded initiative by the Department of City Planning.

Jackson Street is already used as a gathering place for Atlanta tourists and locals alike.

Meme Kebede, a local Atlantan, enjoys taking photos at the spot. She said she thinks the proposed changes could help with safety.

“You kind of have to back up and sometimes get into the street … you kind of have to get into that to get the perfect picture,” Kebede said. “So I think if they expand it, it could be a big safety thing.”

The project is part of a new program, which aims to “transform under-utilized streets and public property into active, vibrant and safer public places,” according to a press release from the city.

The Jackson Street plan was chosen out of 30 proposals.

Also chosen was a project on the White Street corridor which aims to improve bike and pedestrian access. The proposal includes roadway murals and “reduction of excess vehicular right-of-way.”

The design process for both projects will begin this August. The Department of City Planning said they will seek community input.

The Atlanta Department of City Planning announced new plans for the Jackson Street Bridge on June 6. (Courtesy of City Planning)