South Fulton officials push to increase the minimum wage for city employees

South Fulton City Councilmembers voted to increase the city's minimum wage to $20 an hour. (Ali Guillory/WABE)

Ali Guillory / WABE

To afford a one-bedroom apartment in metro Atlanta, workers must make at least $19.12 an hour. But that is not the case for the city of South Fulton. 

The minimum wage for city employees is currently set at $15 per hour, according to a city press release.

khalid kamau is the mayor of the newly incorporated city. He says to stay competitive, it’s essential that full-time city employees make a livable wage–himself included. 

“It’s hard. I struggle to make ends meet. I think about getting other jobs all the time, but I’ve made this commitment,” he said. 

Relief may be coming for the staff, though. The city is conducting a compensation study this fall to ensure that a $5 bump will be enough.  

Last week, the City Council voted 5-to-1 to boost the minimum wage to $20 an hour based on the study’s outcome. 

District 4 Councilman Jaceey Sebastian spoke in favor of the increase. 

In the release, he stated, “anyone who works and gives their services to the city should be able to afford to live in it.”