Atlanta hip-hop singer QNova delivers uplifting messages through her music

QNova is an Atlanta rapper and hip-hop artist (Courtesy of QNova)

Quachavious Ellison, known onstage as QNova, is a hip-hop singer and songwriter in Atlanta. Writing and storytelling is a natural instinct for her, a passion since her early days habitually singing and coming up with wordplay as a kid. “If I had to describe my music, I would say it’s pretty much on the storytelling side,” said QNova.

“I like to have a well-structured track.” Her featured track “Talk Yo Talk, Sis” delivers an uplifting message of validation to women, sisters and the listener herself.

“If you got this big job coming through, you just open a business, you’re taking care of your home, your kids, you just graduated — to me, you’re talking your talk, sis.”

The song transitions fluidly into another piece called “Check Up,” a moody trap beat underneath QNova’s call-and-response-accented lines in flight, musing on the heavy financial demands of modern city life. “Things cost,” she said, “So, you know, if you’re working, you’re trying to get that job, it really motivates you to make that money and make it happen.”

QNova was born and raised in Atlanta, a “Grady Baby,” and she attests to a deep love of her hometown even as it expands and changes. “Atlanta is very influencing; it’s on the rise. You got a lot of good talents, a lot of positivity coming from Atlanta, a lot of growth, a lot of people supporting each other. And that’s what I like, and that influenced me in my music,” said QNova.

Her next live appearance with a band will take place Sept. 10 at Welcome to South Cobb Festival at Riverview Landing in Smyrna. Fans can follow her at @qnovaofficial